Varsity - Junior Varsity

Mike Robinson - Varsity Head Coach

Jarred Dressler - Assistant Coach

Adam Barrick Assistant Coach

Tye Jabs - Freshman

Hunter Shelley - Junior 

Tansen Miller - Freshman

Jacob Gilson - Freshman 

Noah Zarkovich - Senior 

Tanner Weiand - Junior 

Albert Heister - Junior 

Tyler Feltman - Senior 

Jose Melgar - Senior 

Tyler Wileman - Junior 

Parker Noss - Junior 

Jared Heister - Senior 

Christian Benner - Junior 

Garrett Gable - Senior 

Evan Renninger - Senior


Shaun Yackey Jr High Head Coach

Casey Smith 

Taylor Smith 

Tyson Aurand 

Riley Dunlap 

Daniel Painter

Cameron Sweigart 

Wesley Woodward 

Josh Bomberger 

Josh Pacheco 

Chase Willis 

Dominik Rowles 

Jonathan Kauffman 





Attention Parents!...

We are looking for a parent or parents in the Jr. High program to help us coordinate information so that we can keep everyone updated and give these teams the recognition that they deserve.  If you are interested in helping, you don't need any computer skills, we will add all of the program details, schedules, etc..  We just need the information forwarded to us.  If you are interested, please Contact Us.